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Plextor PX-716SA 16x DVD DL SATA Burner Tour


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Plextor PX-716SA 16x DL SATA Drive Connectors
The PX-716SA's Only Connectors

The PX-716SA's Only Connectors

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For those familiar with older ATA based CD or DVD drives, the rear connectors of the PX-716SA might come as a bit of the shock. The block of all the various connectors has been replaced with two simple connectors. The wide connector is the Serial ATA power connector while the smaller connector is the Serial ATA data cable connection. That's it beyond a small jumper for a test setting used if the drive has problems.

Now it is important to know that the drive comes with a 4-pin Molex to Serial ATA power adapter. If you do not have a Serial ATA power connector off of the computer power supply, this cable will be necessary to power up the drive.

A bit more important to point out is the missing connector. Typically most CD and DVD drives have included a SPDIF and analog audio output connectors to connect into an internal audio card. This drive lacks these connections. This means that the drive cannot be used to play back audio CDs through the computer system. It would be necessary to digitize the music into MP3 or other format and then listen to those files.

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