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Sony - Technical Support Profile


Sony Xpreria X2 Tablet

Products Supported:


  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Monitors
  • Projectors
  • Storage
  • Peripherals
  • Consumer Electronics

Support Web Site:


Support Email:

Support Phone Numbers:

  • Tablet Support: 1-239-245-6370 (M-F 8a-Mid, Sa-Su 9a-8p Eastern)
  • Out of Warranty: 1-239-245-6378 (M-F 8a-Mid, Sa-Su 9a-8p Eastern)
  • In Warranty General: 1-239-245-6313 (M-F 8a-Mid, Sa-Su 9a-8p Eastern)
  • In Warranty Repair: 1-239-245-6314 (M-F 8a-Mid, Sa-Su 9a-8p Eastern)
  • In Warranty Hardware: 1-239-245-6310 (M-F 8a-Mid, Sa-Su 9a-8p Eastern)
  • In Warranty Software: 1-239-245-6311 (M-F 8a-Mid, Sa-Su 9a-8p Eastern)
  • In Warranty Networking: 1-239-245-6312 (M-F 8a-Mid, Sa-Su 9a-8p Eastern)

Other Support Options:

PC Magazine Survey Ratings:


Sony has disctoninued production of their computer products and sold off their computer division to for the new VAIO brand. Currently those systems are only sold in Japan. If you happen to own an older Sony branded laptop, you can still get support. They still sell tablets and mobile phones under their own brand. Sony has a large number of divisions and as such has their product support departments split up for the different divisions. The majority of the links on this page are for the VAIO computer lines unless otherwise stated. The Storage division that does their optical drives has a seperate site noted above. For the best service, you should have your product model number handy to which Sony has instructions on how to find this. Sony also has a short and helpful tips before calling page.

User poll:

While I review a large amount of products from companies such as Sony, I may not have much first hand experience with using their support departments for getting assistance. Because of this, I'm asking readers who have used Sony various support options to rate how they feel they were able to resolve their problem. If you have used Sony's support either via email, web or phone, please vote in the following poll to let others know how your experience turned out.

How would you rate Sony's support?

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