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eMachines - Technical Support Profile


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eMachines has pretty much vanished from the marketplace such that consumers probably can't find any new systems from them. Instead, the company still has its legacy consumerst to support from machines they bought in previous years.

Because eMachines is a budget oriented computer company, their options for support are a bit more limited. When contacting the support either via web email or live chat or phone, you will have to setup or use a previous login registration to continue. In addition, most of the support options have been rolled into the Gateway systems which has reduced the options via eMachines' support site. Be sure to have all serial numbers of products handy when registering or contacting support to speed up the process.

User poll:

While I review a large amount of products from companies such as eMachines, I may not have much first hand experience with using their support departments for getting assistance. Because of this, I'm asking readers who have used eMachines various support options to rate how they feel they were able to resolve their problem. If you have used eMachines' support either via email, web or phone, please vote in the following poll to let others know how your experience turned out.

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If you would like to share your experience, either good or bad, trying to get support from eMachines for your purchases with other readers, please feel free to post your comments. If you are considering purchasing a product from eMachines, you can also go to the comments page and read those experiences that readers have posted.

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