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Lenovo IdeaPad Y450 14-inch Thin and Light Laptop PC

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Lenovo IdeaPad Y450 14-inch Thin and Light Laptop PC

Lenovo IdeaPad Y450


The Bottom Line

Jun 15 2009 - Lenovo's IdeaPad Y450 isn't an extremely compact system, but comapred to many other laptops in its price range, it is very compact and lightweight. Performance is good although it does suffer in the graphics by relying on the integrated video. It does come with some very good battery life for its size. It's really hard to find systems with similar features and performance but some may want to look at the version with the NVIDIA graphics if they need 3D support.
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  • Well Prices
  • Relatively Compact and Light
  • Good Battery Life


  • Integrated Graphics
  • Trackpad Buttons Too Soft And Easy to Accidently Press


  • Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 Dual Core Mobile Processor
  • 3GB PC3-8500 DDR3
  • 250GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • 8x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Burner
  • 14-inch WXGA (1366x768) LED Backlit Display With 1.3 Megapixel Webcam
  • Intel XGA 4500MHD Integrated Graphics
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/g/n Wireless
  • Four USB 2.0, FireWire, eSATA, VGA, HDMI, ExpressCard/34, 4-in-1 Card Reader
  • 13.4" x 9.1" x 1.4" @ 4.6 lbs.
  • Vista Home Premium, Norton Internet Security

Guide Review - Lenovo IdeaPad Y450 14-inch Thin and Light Laptop PC

Jun 15 2009 - Lenovo's IdeaPad Y450 is their smallest of their Y series of laptops featuring a 14-inch display that gives it a very compact frame and a lighter 4.6 pounds weight compared to the more traditional 15-inch display laptops. This is great for those looking at an affordable yet compact laptop to carry around frequently.

Performance is about what one would expect from a laptop in the $799 price range. The IdeaPad Y450 uses the Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 dual core processor combined with 3GB of PC3-8500 DDR3 memory. It should be noted that the memory actually runs at the 800MHz rate and performs on the level of standard PC2-6400 DDR2. What it does do well is run for a fairly long time on the battery with roughly four hours with standard usage or two and a half watching a DVD.

Storage is bit below average with just 250GB compared to a more common 320GB. This of course can be attributed to the lower overall cost of the IdeaPad Y450. A dual layer DVD burner handles all of the playback and recording of CDs and DVDs.

The 14-inch display uses a 16:9 aspect ratio and uses an LED backlight. This provides it with a very bright and colorful display. Since this is a lower priced version of the IdeaPad Y450, it uses the integrated Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics. This limits the systems performance for 3D specific applications such as gaming. Those needing such performance will want to look at the higher end version featuring NVIDIA G105M dedicated graphics.

One area that the system could really use improvement is the trackpad. The multitouch pad is decent albeit is little too sensitive at times. The problem is the buttons though. They have a very soft feel and are positioned such that they can easily be pressed by mistake while typing. Some may also find the white trackpad keyboard a bit of a pain to keep clean.

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User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Gets too hot, and it just stops sometimes, Member maynard77

I ordered the Lenovo Y450 (model 418938U). A nice-looking laptop, and seems to work OK for the most part, except that the wrist-rest area gets very hot during usage. I'm not talking about warm, I'm talking hot. It was so uncomfortable I decided to call tech support and report the problem. The tech support guy said ""they are all like that"". I've never used a laptop that got so hot. I will also add that when I was going through the personalization features, the Windows Vista explorer would stop responding, and I had to shut it down and restart. This isn't a good sign either, especially since this was supposedly a very powerful machine with the Core 2 Duo processor. I called the sales department, and they said I would have to pay to ship the unit back + pay a 15% restocking fee (I have to pay because they don't consider the unit to be faulty). All that for the priviledge of trying out their machine for less than 24 hours. So I'm sending it back, and my only hope is to dispute the restocking fee with my credit card. The rest of you can take your chances, but honestly I will never do business with this company again. Their poorly designed (or faulty) product ended up costing me $100 to try out for a single day. You've been warned.

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