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Sony VAIO VGN-FZ280E/B Thin And Light Laptop PC

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Sony VAIO FZ Notebook

Sony VAIO FZ Notebook


The Bottom Line

Those looking for a mobile multimedia platform for high definition video will definitely want to take a look at the Sony VAIO FZ280. While it isn't the other one to have a high definition video player built into it, it is one of the few that can also record to the Bluray format. Beyond that it is a solid system, but there are more affordable options if you don't want or need the high definition video format.
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  • Bluray Writer
  • Large Hard Drive


  • Uses Smaller ExpressCard/34 Slot
  • 3D Graphics Not as Robust As Other Offerings


  • Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 Dual Core Mobile Processor
  • 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2 Memory
  • 250GB 4200rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • 2x Bluray Burner
  • 15.4" WXGA (1280x800) Display With 1.3MP Webcam in Bezel
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT
  • v.92 56Kbps Modem, 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11a/g/n Wireless
  • Three USB 2.0, FireWire, HDMI, ExpressCard/34, 4-in-1 Reader
  • 14" x 10" x 1.4" @ 5.9 lbs.
  • Vista Home Premium, MS Works, Norton 360, VAIO Suite

Guide Review - Sony VAIO VGN-FZ280E/B Thin And Light Laptop PC

11/11/07 – The stand out feature of the Sony VAIO FZ280 laptop is the optical drive. High definition video formats are becoming a bit more common, but usually as read only. Sony has included a full 2x speed Bluray drive with the system. This lets it both playback the Bluray movies but also be used to create them as well. Don't worry though, the Bluray burner can also read and record CD and DVD media as well.

Outside of the Bluray drive, the VAIO FZ280 also comes with a very sizable 250GB hard drive. This provides plenty of storage space for programs and digital media files. The drive does spin at a slower 4200rpm spin rate that reduces its performance a bit from smaller and faster drives.

Graphics wise the VAIO FZ280 is a step up from other models in the lineup. It uses the dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT graphics processor that helps with the video playback and allows for better 3D graphics. Don't expect much in terms of 3D performance though for gaming as it is decidedly lacking in higher performance. The 15.4” display is quite bright and good for watching high definition video. It would have been nicer to have a higher resolution though to take full advantage of the formats potential.

In terms of the performance of the system, it is pretty much in the middle. The Core 2 Duo T7250 is a fairly common model for a thin and light notebook. It is matched up with 2GB of PC2-5300 DDR2 memory that lets it run Vista without any real problems.

One minor gripe with the system is the ExpressCard slot. Sony decided to use the smaller 34mm slot which is fine, but the larger 54mm slot would allow for a greater range of card support as it can be used for either size cards.

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