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Installing a Chipset Cooler


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Intro and Cooler Location
Locate the Cooler Mounting Pins

Locate the Cooler Mounting Pins

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Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Time Required: 30 minutes
Tools Needed: Screwdriver, Needle Nose Pliers, Isopropyl Alcohol (99%), Lint Free Cloth, Plastic Bag, Hair Dryer

This guide was developed to instruct users on the proper procedures for installing a replacement chipset cooler onto a motherboard. The techniques described would be similar for the replacement of a video card cooling solution. Included are step-by-step instructions for the removal and replacement of the cooling solution.

It should be noted that this guide does not cover the removal of the motherboard that is required prior to the installation of the cooler. For information on this, please see the How to Install a Motherboard tutorial.

Before installing a chipset cooler onto a motherboard or video card, it is important to verify with the manufacturers or other sources that the solution will indeed fit. There are various sizes for the cooling solutions for different video cards and motherboards.

In order to install the new cooler, the previous cooler must first be removed. Locate the cooler on the board and flip the board over. There should be a set of pins that go through the board next to the cooler to hold it onto the board.

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