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Building Your Own Personal Computer


A collection of articles from the About.com PC Hardware / Reviews Guide that can help users to understand the benefits of building their own personal computer system along with guides and tips on select the parts and putting them all together.
  1. Why Build a PC
  2. What to Build
  3. How to Build a PC

Why Build a PC

Most people think of going to a retail store or out of a manufacturers web site when they are looking at purchasing a computer. They they have to pick and choose among the products offered there. With all this convenience, why would one choose to build instead of buy? These articles look at some of the advantages on has to doing just that.

What to Build

Since a PC is built up from a variety of components, one needs to know what type of parts to buy before they start building. These articles help users to select the various components they will need.

How to Build a PC

This collection of tutorials walks a user through the various steps one needs to do to put together a desktop personal computer system. Each of the various guides includes photographs for the various steps to help users walk through the process.

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