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AMD Says Adios to ATI and Hello to Fusion APU


AMD Fusion

Save those ATI boxes, because starting Q4 2010 AMD will phase out the ATI name and logo. It was back in July 2006 that AMD first announced plans to acquire ATI. Now after four years, the chipmaker will add the AMD logo to the Radeon and FirePro lines. Although there is extensive loyalty to the ATI brand among gamers, it is apparent the company feels the AMD brand is stronger overall and more marketable. It is a smart move to keep the existing Radeon product name, though, as it is extremely recognizable among buyers.

New Fusion Chips Coming Soon

The new AMD-based logos will be used for the launch of Fusion chips that integrate both the GPU and CPU into one package. While the Intel Core i3 and i5 processors use two pieces of silicon (dies), Fusion chips directly combine the CPU and GPU to create what AMD calls an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). It is worth noting that Intel's next line of chips using the Sandy Bridge architecture will also feature an integrated CPU and GPU. 

Bobcat and Bulldozer Details Emerge

Along with the ATI announcement, AMD also unveiled two new x86 designs named "Bulldozer" and "Bobcat." First up is the Bobcat architecture. Designed for low-power laptops and small form-factor desktops, these chips are capable of operating on less than one watt of power. The small die size is what allows such low power consumption.

Bulldozer, on the other hand, is manufactureed with 32nm technology and is targeted to the high-performance PC and server market. The ability to overlock Fusion chips with lower power consumption and increased speed compared to current AMD Phenom II processors is what sets this architecture apart from previous designs.

The first AMD Fusion chips are set to ship in the fourth quarter with AMD Radeon graphics. Stay tuned as more details emerge regarding this exciting new architecture.

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