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Readers Respond: Who Do You Think Made The Best Desktops For The Past Year?

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From the article: Reader's Choice Awards 2010
Readers have the opportunity to pick the company that produced the best desktops last year. To submit a company for nomination, please include the name of the company and your reason you think they produced the best desktops. Don't worry if someone else has submitted the company already. The companies with the highest number of nominations will then move onto voting. Remember, this is a manufacturer and not a specific product.

Acer Aspire

Quad processor easy to use and have found it to be very user friendly

i Mac 27

The iMac 27 totally rocks, with the great display, and upgraded features-what's not to like about the basic model, not to mention the configuration options you have that make it comparable in some ways to the vaunted Mac Pro.


Gateway makes some solid performance systems that have great pricing. I've had my FX desktop now for many months and am more than pleased with it.
—Guest John


ASUS, hands down. Bought one this past summer from BestBuy- 8GB RAM, Intel Core2 QUAD processor AND their legendary MOBO, all for $600.00, and Windows7 to boot. Best, fastest computer I've ever owned. Zero problems, rock-solid reliability.
—Guest Charles Koenig

i mac

Works great and is reliable. Runs Windows under boot camp without problems also.
—Guest Jack

Hewlett Packard

For reliability and ease of use, I have been unable to find a better computer company. I have tried Gateway because of their ability to provide what I want in the way of up to date hardware in a configuration, but their customer service is essentially non- existent. HP is Customer oriented, builds solid reliable products, and only marginally overprices.

Mac Mini

I know, it's not cool to like the mini. But I bought one fro my mom and she loves it. I am thinking of getting one to act as a media center pc.
—Guest John Garman

Dell always works for me

I have had a Dell desktop for a long time now (like 3 years) and it's great. Their support can be a long wait, but they kept my comptuer running when I thought it was toast.
—Guest Susan F

27-inch iMac with i7 processors

This iMac just is the cats meow for desktop use. I may even forgo a Mac Pro desktop this year for the iMac
—Guest Mac Dev
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