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Readers Respond: Reader Experiences and Opinions of Apple's Support

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If you have used Apple's products and needed to deal with their support department for some reason, please feel free to write down how that experience was and any information you that may be beneficial to others who have Apple products. Similarly, if you are looking to buy an Apple product, this information may be helpful in deciding if you should go ahead or look at another company. Share Your Experience

Be careful what you ask for

I had a problem with my power adapter for my Powerbook a week past the one year warranty I explained this to the CSR and said I had my credit card at the ready to pay for the help. However the CSR stalled enough over the phone citing their system was slow so that my battery drained to zero.They then suggested I send my laptop in.I smelled a repair scam right away and lucky for me the adapter worked again,although I'll buy a second one just in case now.So when contacting Apple after warranty I suggest pre-paying for phone support on their site(about $45)then whatever you do don't sound too worried or insist the problem needs immediate resolution.Instead play it up like you have a backup computer and just need trouble shooting advice for your malfunctioning one.
—Guest domjal

Apple warrenty.

I have purchased a Powerbook for my son in college with standard warrenty. 13 months later the mother board dies. Apple support say not our problem you should have purchased the extended warrenty. Lesson learned......Now we have a Samsung. Nice looking and does the job.
—Guest JM

Returning my Macbook.

I bought a 2010 Macbook Pro i7 and around 17 days later they 'surprise released' the new 2011 model. I called Apple support, explained my reasoning for being furious i was not mentioned of this when i asked upon ordering though the 14 day limit on returns had run out. The lady put me on hold, talked to a manager im sure, and came back with the news that they would take my computer back. No charge, no restocking fee and they would pay shipping. I promptly ordered the new one and they wiped the bill.
—Guest MKW

Weird extended warranty..

Paid about $300 for a 3-year extended warranty on MacBook Pro, within 11 months a small part of the screen started to go into static. The tech told me that because I slightly dented the metal on the BOTTOM piece, that the warranty will not cover it because it MY doing..well, I thought I bought accidental protection instead of "Pay for your manufacturing mistakes" protection. I suppose I should have read over the terms & conditions first and spend my money on insurance instead of now having to shell out $750 for an entirely new screen.
—Guest Desire O.

Pay For Apple's Mistakes

Apple has some known issues (e.g. the iPod application crashing on the iPhone), however if you try to contact Apple support for help you are told that you'll need to purchase a support contract or pay for a single issue. It's pretty sad that Apple would expect me to pay for defects in their code.
—Guest GB

topic not named

If searching for a non-product topic, you can't find support. I want to know if I can recover data from old 3.5 Mac disks with both OS 7.x and 8.x. LaCie ext drive starts at OS 8.6. Any disk drives for earlier OS?
—Guest Nell

Exceeded by expectations

Brought my daughter's ipod which had a black line going down the screen to the Apple store. Saw a tech within 4 min. They diagnosed it as a hardware problem. Ipod had been out of warranty for over a month and they replaced it with a new one, even though I never asked for a replacement! I was shocked! They have gained a loyal customer. I was on the fence as to what kind of mp3 player I was going to get for myself but now, without a doubt, it will be an ipod. Good customer service goes a long way!
—Guest LMO

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Reader Experiences and Opinions of Apple's Support

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