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Readers Respond: Reader Experiences and Opinions of ASUS's Support

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If you have used ASUS's products and needed to deal with their support department for some reason, please feel free to write down how that experience was and any information you that may be beneficial to others who have ASUS products. Similarly, if you are looking to buy an ASUS product, this information may be helpful in deciding if you should go ahead or look at another company. Share Your Experience

asus support

I will never buy any product made by Asus,they will get u to pay with false representation even during warranty period. beware, buy from others, may cost more but cheap in the end.
—Guest len

asus nexus both junks

nexus junk with real poor Asus service! don't be full buy something else! used for 6 mth updated n WiFi gone, google update again still no WiFi! so use just as reader. on off button failed n so had to send to Asus for warranty repair, after a month of phone calls n long holds, rebecca young replied ...liquid damaged repair cost $200+ But tablet has always been in own cover n used as reader in bed only, also I don't hv a water bed. so guys save yr time, money don't buy this junk with it's whitewash warranty from Asus!
—Guest len

Fast good

My notbook screen had a shortcut and did not work anymore. It took less than a week to get my notebook back with a new screen, pick up and drop off from home and totally free of charge. I would call that good & fast service.
—Guest Geert

Very bad service

I am not one to complain but over one month ago I sent in my Asus that only after 5 months stopped working!! Was promised to have it back maximum in 17 days. As i said its over a month and despite 4 calls and many promises...my computer is no where to be seen. I have never received such bad service!! EVER!!
—Guest Carla Mannina

Fast delivery

Spoke with community support member Raja@ASUS over @ hardforum.com. He confirmed what I thought the problem was. Spoke with ASUS eStore representative, received advice on correct BIOS part#, shipment processed/shipped within 2 or 3 days, very speedy. Replacement chip installed, computer POSTs like a champ. Great experience all-in-all, shame about the CAP conversion failure.
—Guest Jack C

Terrible service! Huge let down

Do not buy Asus padphone infinity and station!! I bought this less than a month back from Starhub and now my touch screen is faulty. Just called up the service centre and "Nick" tells me that I need to go to the service centre myself and leave the phone there. When i ask him why i cant mail it in he says "I dont know, thats just the way it is". When i ask him approximately how long it takes, he says could take any amount of time. Then I ask can it be done faster? And he asks me if i can source spare parts myself? So now i need to find a spare phone, delete all my data and then leave this at the service centre for god alone knows how long! pathetic service and pathetic attitude of their technical staff. huge waste of money!!
—Guest Aanchal Mehta


I have had FIVE (5) Nexus 7 tables since Xmas. All have broken screens. Asus will not even address the problem. Nexus is a good product but Asus are terrible. They were kind enough to listen to me but they did not want to do any reasonable to fix my tablet. I cannot recommend a Nexus 7 because of the lack of support you have with Asus. If you choose to buy one of the tablets, they only last a very short time and Asus does not have a creditable support team.
—Guest Janice Gaither

Great support under warranty

Had a hd problem with my laptop after almost 2 years but luckily it was still under warranty. After calling and sending it in, I got it back after only a week and they replaced the parts with no extra charge. Despite the initial problem with the laptop, I'm impressed by the promptness of the repair and would rate it as an overall positive experience.
—Guest pcm

Worst service ever; lost my Nexus 7

I have never bought an ASUS product and probably never will again after this experience. After 7 months, my Nexus 7 touchscreen just stopped working. I sent it back to ASUS with an RMA, and they supposedly fixed the unit. However, they didn't send it where I told them to send it, and after calling to find out where it was and continuing to call every few days, I still have no tablet and no emails despite being promised they would keep me updated. So I'm out nearly $300 because they don't know what they're doing. Who knows if they will ever find it. I am actually on hold right now with them - 30 minutes so far. And this happens every time. Pathetic.
—Guest Paula

Awful ASUS support...Faulty DEVICES

I'm writing to you this feedback only in order to let you know how bad your service is. If you check in my service center support you will find some interesting messages. On the 23-08-2013 I enquired about an ASUS Tablet VIVO smart that I had bought a couple of days before. The Microsoft Office H&S' activation code did not work. MYRA XU wrote me that the solution was: 'turn ON and OFF the tablet in order to force a reset of the system, reset all drivers and reinstall everything.' I am an Automation Engineer, this is just RIDICOULUS!!!! What does it mean? Is that a joke or what? The problem is the activation code and this person asked me to reset the system?? Where do you find you employees?? Do you provide a training course at all? When I told her\him exactly the same words she\he said: THAT WAS JUST TO TRY. What is it suppose to mean? Is it a kind of test? Are you suppose to be a technical support or a homemade-test-trial support?? This is INCREDIBLE!!!
—Guest Claudio

ASUS service = NOT TRUE

For the fifth time I've contacted ASUS support to get my PDF-form mailed to me. This is required in order to book UPS to pick up my faulty notebook... For the fifth time I get the same answer - "We will send a reminder to the repair guys, wait another 48 hrs and if nothing happens, call us again..." ASUS, there will be no sixth time call from me since you have not yet been able to even help me past the first hurdle of sending out the form. You are hiding behind a malfunctioning service process and your first line staff are not able/willing to step outside the process to fix an obvious issue. Nor will they let me talk to a superiors with the lame excuse that managers do not talk directly to customers... So in my opinion, ASUS does not deliver their promise about pick-up and delivery service. I have finally given up and carried my PC to the store where I bought and am now waiting for the next glitch in their process... My advice: Stay away from ASUS...
—Guest Michael

Good item expensive shipping

On the up side Asus actually carried a spare BIOS for the one that failed on the down side I paid over twice the part price to get it shipped!
—Guest Supersaverca


I had a problem with a broken part on a new ASUS wireless router. I did not want to RMA the router back to the seller just because of this seemingly minor problem. My telephone conversation with Bill at ASUS customer support was very cordial, and after I explained the problem, he arranged to have a new part sent to me. The shipment was coordinated by Aundrea Moorman, and the part arrived via FedEx in just a couple of days. Thank you ASUS customer support, and especially Bill and Aundrea. Best regards, James
—Guest James

undefined problem in old motherboard

After installing a ocz ssd, no boot even after removing ssd. Asus techs have been patient and helpful but after a week we still don't know what's wrong. They suggested I buy a bios chip. didn't work. Board is out of warranty, so I'm dependent on their patience and ingenuity. If things change, I'll post again, but if they don't I'll have to abandon a computer I used for only the last 6 months (I bought it in 2009).
—Guest pemaro

ASUS support

Support was very good. Recieved my new RT-N66U with one of the antenna missing the threading. ASUS is shipping on over night to me. Very happy.
—Guest Dennis Borin

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Reader Experiences and Opinions of ASUS's Support

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