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Readers Respond: Reader Experiences and Opinions of Dell's Support

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If you have used Dell's products and needed to deal with their support department for some reason, please feel free to write down how that experience was and any information you that may be beneficial to others who have Dell products. Similarly, if you are looking to buy an Dell product, this information may be helpful in deciding if you should go ahead or look at another company. Share Your Experience

3 month laptop

I've had a mac book for 5 years (that still works great). Then I received a dell ultrabook with windows 8 for christmas. It is now only march and the fitting that connects the screen to the bottom keyboard part came apart. nothing broke, it seems as if the screws just became loose and came apart. When I contacted the Dell support service they told me I had to pay almost $200 for an extended warranty plan and ship it off to them and wait 5-8 days to get it back. I let them know that I felt $200 was excessive, Then the Rep implied that maybe I didn't take proper care of it. I have been very happy owning HP products and Apple products never had any defects. Comparing the Dell problem solving and Support with the only other experience I have ever had which was with apple, Dell doesn't compare at all. When ever I have an issue with my mac mini or my mac book I simply make an appointment and I get the issue solved the same day.
—Guest elemaster

Awful experience with Dell

I too had an awful experience with Dell. I am a working single mum of 2 small kids and I purchased a Dell laptop mainly for keeping the kids' pictures and going online. The laptop had connectivity issues from day 1. It is now 4 months down the line and I have spent hous and hours on the phone with technical support which have been unable to resolve the issue. I have then started pressing them about sending me another computer to replace the faulty one and that's when they started beeing rude to me, putting the phone down on me and threatening that even if I took them to court, there was no chance to win. I have never been able to speak to anyone from Dell that doesn't work in India. And I have spoken to them every day for months!! Even after a letter of complaint to the headoffice resulted in a call from India again, and another "customer service" agent putting the phone down on me. If you are thinking about buying a computer, avoid Dell. I will say this to everyone!
—Guest Jane


The support services that I have received so far are horrendous beyond reasoning. Tech takes 9999 minutes to confirm the problem which I had initially told them at the start of the conversation, thus showing their ignorance. And as many of us here have experienced, a simple part replacement service was made worse when the techie further bricked my motherboard and reformatted my harddisk for no apparent reason. There was also NO apologies whatsoever for what he did. Tech guy was pretty cocky too. Worst service ever. Avoid at all cost.
—Guest Billy

i hate dell

my dell laptop sucks! it does not have the features ordered and i am just told it wasnt ordered and i have had to get technecians to repair many times. The latest episode is when for no reason my screen cracked for no apparent reason and they want 25% of the total cost of the laptop to fix it as they tell me it is physical damage and not covered under warrenty......450€ to replace. DO NOT BUY DELL.....They are not a good machine.
—Guest rory

Disgruntled Customer

I have been a Dell customer since the 70's having at least 8 units under my belt - whether for myself for as gifts for friends and relatives. My current experience however has been horrendous -- from Sales to Installation... my unit is still sitting idle while my 8100 Dimension occupies the largest portion of my Bedroom awaiting data transfer to my new unit. I truly wish I could contact a Corporate Officer to advise them of the drastic changes of late. You no longer occupy the #1 spot in my eye and others will follow suit shortly should this business conduct continue. I have now gone from #1 fan to #???? disgruntled consumer. God only knows how many others have been mistreated of late. I am so sorry you now choose to overlooked the simple buyer; perhaps in search of other markets of credentials. I remain 1 extremely disgruntled customer hereon and hope your business practices change soon... before Bankruptcy.
—Guest Awilda Roman

dylans experience

I hate dell their service was horrible my hard drive failed within two months of purchase then they forgot to reinstall software that came with the computer and wouldnt help me do it now they say my warranty is expired 3 months after purchase despite it lasting 2 years because I already used it up with my manufacturer faulty hard drive. DO NOT BUY Dell their service sucks and their hardware mine was an xps 15 supposedly high end but it still failed and glitched possibly windows fault for glitches.
—Guest dylan

worst service i ever paid for.

I recently called Dell for software help on preloaded software, the tech I got was from India, he was hard to understand, his phone got disconnected and this made my problem even worse than it was to begin with. I'll never use Dell service again. The fact is after buying four Dell in the past, this service has turned me aganist your company. If thats not bad enough the tech called my wife the next day to try to get her to buy a warrenty. After I told him we didn't want it. Ray Kohler 412-302-1824
—Guest Ray Kohler

its the poor support and armature work

my laptop was working fine . but only the cd rom was not working i call them to replace the cd rom and 1 stupid engineer came and fail to fix the laptop and he made my laptop dead and also broke my front cover its been 20 days my laptop is still dead and dell ppl is enjoying my problem. thier customer cr line is so busy u have to wait for 1-2 hr to get connected and also they are not knowledgeable to handle your problem .
—Guest Sumit Das

Experience with Dell Support

My experience with Dell support dates back many decades. There was a time, it was perfect. If I had a problem, I called Dallas, Texas, and in a matter of one day, I would have a tech-guy ringing my doorbell. Not so, today. But, I don't think Dell is any different than any other company. Acer tech support is as bad as Dell's. I had to call AT&T the other day regarding a cell phone problem, and an African-American young man on the other end was speaking so fast, I was unable to grasp anything he said. So, I used the old stand-by tactic, which usually works. With all companies, we, the consumer, have only a matter of seconds to determine the personality we are addressing. So, am I willing to become their best friend while asking them to help me? Absolutely. It helps them see me as something more than that blinking red light on their phone, signaling there is another one of me waiting to speak to them.


I really love the support i get from Dell. Technicians are indeed very willing to help, although some of them are not good speakers, but they can indeed assist you. Yes, you can say they might be reading from scripts, but if you tell them the troubleshooting steps that you did, for sure they would not ask you to do the same thing over again! that's frustrating. Luckily, all the techs have come up and even exceeded my expectations, they are amazing!
—Guest noob

Dell best tech support I know

I have owned several dell computers. I have a dell desktop that is almost 10 years old and still working. My laptop is 5 years old, still working well. I always purchase the longest extended warranty dell offers. I LOVE their service. They respond quickly, send someone to your site with the parts needed. I never had to wait longer than 3-4 days for my computer to be fixed. On the phone they are always eager to help even though some of the phone technicians are not as knowlegeable. You can always ask to speak with a supervisor who is more knowlegeable. I have been amazed at the components they have been willing to replace, including a crack in the case, screen, keyboard, motherboard, power cord, etc. I am about to purchase a new computer and I am afraid to go with a different company because of the service. My sons have apple computers. I like their service less because we do not have an apple store close by, so we need to send the computer and have no computer for about 2 weeks.
—Guest E.David


The quality of the support depends on the individual you encounter. I've called/chatted with Dell on several occasions, and overall, their support is about average. These people are instructed to troubleshoot from scripts, so for me -- I've been fixing computer problems for over 25 years -- I am impatient, as I can accurately and succinctly describe the problem, and all I want is a straight answer. I had the support tech from hell recently. In chat, 3-5 minutes passed between each exchange. He instructed me to "disable my memory." What?! On the phone it was worse; I could understand only about 10% of his thick Indian accent. He was dead wrong about all but one of his solutions, and that solution did not work. I've also known of Dell sales people who give out incorrect information. Caveat Emptor. If you don't like the first tech you get, try for another, and maybe a third. Some are OK.

Tech Support Non Existant

Purchased a Dell Inspiron and eventually , with no help from Dell, found that my Dell 942 Printer was not compatible. Spent hours on the phone and was given incorrect info. In addition, I had a terrible time understanding the reps as they were all obviously foreigners who did not have a good grasp of the English language. Also had email issues - same as first problem - terrible experience. In fact, I plan to return the computer to Walmart and will not be purchasing Dell products again. Having said that, several friends have advised that tech support of all the major computer makers are similar to Dell. At any rate, I plan to carefully research my next purchase.
—Guest thistle

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Reader Experiences and Opinions of Dell's Support

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