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Readers Respond: Reader Experiences and Opinions of Fujitsu's Support

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If you have used Fujitsu's products and needed to deal with their support department for some reason, please feel free to write down how that experience was and any information you that may be beneficial to others who have Fujitsu products. Similarly, if you are looking to buy an Fujitsu product, this information may be helpful in deciding if you should go ahead or look at another company. Share Your Experience


I just don’t get it, I purchased a great Fujitsu PC but the service support (in the UK) from the rude unhelpful people at the end of the phone is unbelievable. Email support just tell you to ring a premium number and then they tell you to call another number and so on until you end up where you started. If you want support for your PC, AVOID Fujitsu!!!
—Guest Ray

Fujitsu don't support Linux

Installing Linux Mint 15 on my Lifebook screwed up the BIOS, and now it won't let my do a live boot from CD-ROM or access the BIOS or Boot Menu on boot up. Fujit Support in Germany's only response was for me to look at the Linux Forum, cos "we don't support Linux and we don't care to fix your problem". I won't buy another Fujit product, and I don't advise you to either.
—Guest John Taylor

Excellent? Really?

I don't know how anyone could rate Fujitsu's technical support as excellent. Their online form won't even let me submit a query, even though I have clearly filled in the required fields and complied with the terms. The chat function still appears on their technical support page, but it has been disabled. I have an older (2005) Fujitsu N6010. There have been NO driver updates to any of the major components since the computer was first released. Their bios update requires a floppy drive to install. The N6010 never came with a floppy drive. Virtually every major component of this computer has failed and been replaced, including the mother board. I'll never buy another Fujitsu laptop again.
—Guest ChrisB

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Reader Experiences and Opinions of Fujitsu's Support

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