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Readers Respond: Reader Experiences and Opinions of Systemax's Support

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If you have used Systemax's products and needed to deal with their support department for some reason, please feel free to write down how that experience was and any information you that may be beneficial to others who have Systemax products. Similarly, if you are looking to buy a Systemax product, this information may be helpful in deciding if you should go ahead or look at another company.

Phenominal Support

I purchased a computer for my mother from Tigerdirect. There was an internet connection issue that Verizon said was a hardware problem. In actuality, it was a Verizon issue. However, Systemax walked through everything possible regarding problem solving. Systemax went above and beyond duty and called back a few days later to check and see how things were going with her new computer. I was very impressed with them!
—Guest Jance

Very poor service

I called customer support many times and can not get a live person. I get useless phone transfer options. I've had this problem for 3 months, ever since I bought the new computer from Tiger Computers. Tiger refuses to help at all. My problem is with the DVD drive.
—Guest Paul Budde

Systemax support

I had quite a good experience with this company. The hard drive in my laptop gave out after the machine was a couple months out of warranty. The tech (Marge) was able to arrange for a new drive to be sent to me and it arrived in less than a week (yes, there was a charge--I read my warranty). I was back up and running in a very short time.
—Guest Lee Forrest

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