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Readers Respond: Reader Experiences and Opinions of Toshiba's Support

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If you have used Toshiba's products and needed to deal with their support department for some reason, please feel free to write down how that experience was and any information you that may be beneficial to others who have Toshiba products. Similarly, if you are looking to buy a Toshiba product, this information may be helpful in deciding if you should go ahead or look at another company. Share Your Experience


A while ago I had an issue with my Toshiba notebook. Because the keyboard is so cheap, even if you use it normally, the keys will start falling off. I took the system to the Toshiba service center. The first thing they do is to make you sign a form that says you need to pay them in case the work is not covered by the guarantee. Before even looking at the issue they told me that I probably didn’t handle the keyboard correcty because otherwise the keys could never fall off. So far, so good. Now the computer had a second issue besides the keyboard: The network plug pin that holds the cable in place when it’s plugged in had broken off. Again, the laptop is cheaply made and you could argue that it’s a hardware issue. But I told them immediately that I don’t want them to look at this problem, I only want them to fix the keyboard. The next day I get an e-mail that says: A while ago I had an issue with my Toshiba notebook. Because the keyboard is so cheap, even if you use it normally, the
—Guest Fred Miller

Toshiba Tech Support Fraud?

My problem related to a low level hum and intermittent tones on the audio output to speakers or headphones on my new N305 netbook. I called Toshiba tech support and they established a direct link to my computer, went to the task manager and pointed out that a process was running that was a virus - Csrss.exe which is a critical Windows systems process for Client/Server Runtime management. At that time it was using 0% system resources. At that point he told me the system was corrupt and in order to help me I would have to purchase a $150 Toshiba software warranty in order to help me. This definitely falls into the category of criminal intent in my opinion, and I have totally lost confidence in Toshiba, a name and product I've used and trusted for over 25 years. My objections that this was a hardware problem and should be evaluated as such by sending it in were ignored. I will not purchase Toshiba products in the future.
—Guest CharleyA

Terrible Outsourced Support Staff

The Toshiba support staff is definitely outsourced to a far away foreign country with poor phone connections. Constantly it will sound like you are talking to someone on the other end of a kid's walkie talkie. The hold times for a manager exceed an hour. When I used the word "cover" and "rubber" several different representatives sounded confused, and they had no idea what I was talking about. Just a very poor experience. The tech depot is not very careful with your computer, and the managers are not very helpful. You may be better off with a different brand of computer, though I don't know that for sure, others may be worse. Granted, they did fix my computer twice, in an acceptable fashion, through all of this, so I would probably give them an "acceptable" rank.
—Guest ToshibaUser

Tech Support

I called Toshiba's tech support because I had forgotten my passwords to see if there was any way around them. I could barely understand him with the Indian accent but was told they couldnt help, charged 35 dollars any way. Hopefully my credit card company will take care of this for me since I couldnt get it refunded. Never another Toshiba
—Guest Eddie

What a joke!

Toshiba support is a JOKE. I had a problem with my laptop booting up and they did NOTHING to help me. First of all, I could BARELY understand the person "trying" to help me. Second, if I'm going to pay $35 to be explained how to restore my computer (which I already know how to do)....I should just get another computer from a better company. Congrats Toshiba, you are a joke.
—Guest Megan

Poor Toshiba Support

I contacted Toshiba's USA laptop support and was transferred to a technician who sounded like he was from India. After I explained the problem, he assured me that he could fix the problem if I paid the $35 support charge. I paid the charge and he attempted to fix the problem using the standard Windows System Restore Utility. I explained to him that I had already tried that. Naturally, his suggestion did not solve my problem. He then suggested I spend another $25 to get a recovery disk, which I refused. I think Toshiba misrepresented their capability to solve my problem, yet they insisted on charging me for the support call. I have disputed the charge, but Toshiba is unwilling to voluntarily remove the charge from my credit card.
—Guest Mitch

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Reader Experiences and Opinions of Toshiba's Support

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