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Readers Respond: Reader Experiences and Opinions of eMachines' Support

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If you have used eMachines' products and needed to deal with their support department for some reason, please feel free to write down how that experience was and any information you that may be beneficial to others who have eMachines products. Similarly, if you are looking to buy an eMachines product, this information may be helpful in deciding if you should go ahead or look at another company. Share Your Experience

Great machine

I see a lot of people giving bad reviews about EMachine. My daughter bought me one from walmart about 9 yrs ago and never had any problems with it. Have model w3052 and it's been great to me. My grand-kids use it everyday for homework or just playing games online. Not bad on a desktop that has an average life span of 5 yrs. I will buy another one in a heart beat.
—Guest tom

Do not waste your money

Pathetic, they offered no help and just wanted me to buy another windows license after replacing a motherboard with an OEM part. Insanity
—Guest dboyer

Great job

I wish to let Viet Computer Tech he did a great job in getting my computer running. With excellent directions I am up and running again Thank you Viet
—Guest jackie rogers

Screwed by Walmart

I bought an E Machine at Walmart. It broke down immediately. I had a Walmart warranty and an E Machine warranty and the support from both places refused to listen to me and work with me. I believe that their customer support system is entirely based on deflecting complaints instead of paying for replacement parts. They actually just stole my money for a computer that turned into garbage in a 3 month period.
—Guest Michelle


This is by far the worst company ever. I got this computer for a present last feb and am now having problem with the windows installer and downloading .msi files. So I called emachines and they told me that I would have to pay either a one time fee of 99.99 or a fee of 149 for a year of support I just choose the 99 for a 72 hour tech support that was yesterday.I talked to a tech and the first thing they did was blame it on a corrupt file or link. We tried several different programs that were .msi format, one download out of 4 so he said that the others were bad. Really? Java is corrupt, Microsoft is corrupt??So he proceeds and after the call I try downloading the program on another emachines computer I have had for about three years. Low and behold it downloads...those corrupt files...download no problem.They told me that hey would do a system restore of another fee. All in all 100.00 for them to tell me what I know. raped.
—Guest vicki1234

Return your emachine asap

this company is terrible. after buying it on black friday and opening it christmas morning it doesn't work so after contacting support via chat which was stupid, they sent me recovery, restore, and system disks that were suppose to fix th problem...they didn't. then when finding there phone number online and calling asking for a return, refund, new product or anything, they told me to send it end, i said okay fine. then the representative told me that i had to pay for the shipping to fix their product. it took at least 15 minutes of waiting for a worker of higher authority to get the sending of the laptop straighten out. thats how far i've gotten so but im not expecting anything except disappointment
—Guest Ron Paul

I've never experienced anything worse

It was truly God-aweful. To explain, I had three conversations. My onboard video was shot, so i got into an online chat with their support team. They gave me directions to submit paperwork and re-contact them 48 hours later. When I recontacted them, the person I was speaking with didn't know what I was talking about at all. Honestly, even though i gave her my case ID, she still questioned me about my problems. Lastly, I called. Boy was that bad! Let me say that there is no phone number on their website. It's like jeese, phones have been used for >100 years and you don't have one. Well, firstly when they directed me to India and an Indian with the pen-name Tony picked up the phone, I knew it would be bad. In short, he said the same thing as the other two and just gave me a bunch of BS. It was really bad, although my machine was just 28 days out of warranty. Not to mention we bought six of these machines at the same time, with monitors. It was truly pitiful.
—Guest Spencer Chance

eMachines Support SUCKS BAD !!!!!

I have a 4-yr old eMachines (eM) desktop PC (T6534) that will not reboot as it should. I have updated OS and wanted to update the BIOS. I first checked eM website, but BIOS listed at all (not even the original one!). I chatted w/ someone named "Uunickrishnan" (Pakistani?) who was very UNhelpful. All he could tell me is that he can only help with drivers listed on the eM website.... What kind of Sh-- is that?! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY TRYING TO SAVE MONEY BUYING AN eMACHINES ANYTHING!!!
—Guest Bert Smith

Worst support ever

Hi, I was helping a neighbour with her emachine. After spending some time I found a support number. After calling the support number, I was brushed off by the tech assigned. Email support has not responded to my many email requests. Of all the PC supports Emachines has got to be the worst. I cannot reccomend this brand to any one. HP, Compaq and Toshiba offer much more that Eamchines ever can. Not only is their support bad, their products lack a lot of technology that other brands have. Do not be deceived thinking that you will save money. You will be sadly disappointed. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS INFERIOR PRODUCT!!


thank you very much but i will never by another emachines this is the second tower that i had to buy in four years
—Guest okvia hernandez

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Reader Experiences and Opinions of eMachines' Support

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